Wrap up on 2015!

January 11, 2016

2015 was a great year in birding! I took over 1600+ photos in Texas, South Carolina, New York City and the Dominican Republic. (I promise an upcoming post about that trip… new lifers of course!)

I logged 61 new lifers on eBird, bringing my total life species count to 175 in 2015. Busy year!

The bird I was most excited about seeing for the first time? A hard choice… but maybe the one I was most surprised to see through my lens was the Painted Bunting in Charleston, SC. So many colors when it comes into focus!

My top 5 liked photos of bird drawings on Instagram were:
- American Crow
- Crested Caracara
- Great Blue Heron
- Yellow Billed Cuckoo
- Black Bellied Whistling Duck

My top 5 liked bird photos on Instagram were:
- Scissor Tailed Flycatcher
- American Woodcock
- Painted Bunting
- Flicker
- Mallard

Surprisingly, I only did one formal new drawing in 2015… and it was finished the week of 2016 New Year Eve. Hopefully I will be more on the ball this time around… ;)

Happy New Year!


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