Drawing the ABA Checklist

December 28, 2015

The American Birding Association (ABA) has a checklist of birds one can see in the United States... 993 species. Using it as a guide, I've launched into an endeavor to draw them at life size. Why?

- I started in a quest to draw all the birds of Texas... 677 species. Why stop at that?

- It's hard to understand the true size of a bird when one sees them out in the wild. It's hard to get close to them and to see all their details. Even when I am out birding and taking reference photos for drawings, I am still surprised at the amount of detail every bird out there has. Luckily, I can zoom right in there with my camera to see them... but I still lack that true-size experience.

This year I became a supporting member of both the ABA, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I am happy to be a part of the birding community and now hope to contribute an ability for all to experience the true size of birds. :)


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