December Birds

December 28, 2015

As we wind down for a new year, I reflect on all that I saw and learned this year. I added 60 new birds to my lifer list. (No doubt my trip to the Dominican Republic added a lot of lifers I would not have seen otherwise... I just realized I never posted about them on the blog... whoops.)

Here's what I saw this past month.

A Mourning Dove... at sunset.

A watchful American Kestrel.

 My favorite Cedar Waxwings are back!

Menacing Red-Tailed Hawk.

 Black Bellied Whistling Ducks in flight.

Along the San Antonio, Texas Riverwalk... a Great Tailed Grackle taking a bath.

... scoot along Pied Billed Grebe...

 ... and a sunbathing American Coot.

... and I don't know what it is... but this Mockingbird at the house has a real problem with James' F250! Haha.

Happy New Year! :)
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