Favorite Bird Artists of Today

September 29, 2015

I have mentioned before that I am on a quest to draw all the birds of Texas. I've compiled a list of 677 species to draw that one can, or could once see in Texas. (... and I actually just might say screw it... and draw all the birds of the United States! Ha.) Part of that requires research into the various styles of bird art/drawing. Having read up on many from the past, I wanted to write about some artists of today that inspire me today. It was really hard to choose just ONE image from the artists mentioned below. They continuously inspire me with their gorgeous works. Because I most certainly could never rank my favorites... I post them in order of my favorite mediums they work in... from pencil to painting!

Vanessa Foley
I first found Vanessa Foley's artwork on her Instagram. She is based out of the UK but draws birds from all over the world. I just adore her pencil/graphite work... so soft and fuzzy. I just want to cuddle and pet every bird she draws! She also paints in oils with foil accents too which are equally as interesting.

Zoe Keller
Such intricate graphite/pencil drawings of what is seemingly an entire biosphere in perfect balance. I find myself studying every little detail and continuously finding a new detail that has been sketched into every corner of her drawings.

Marco Mazzoni
Based out of Italy, Marco does not always draw birds... but when he does... I love them! A master at graphite and pencil, he has been in many art shows and publications. I am in awe of his soft yet fluid line work.

Jonathan Martinez
I also first found Jonathan's work via Instagram. He has a way of combining various mediums to create such dynamic pieces! Ink, chalk, pastels, pencils, spray paint... you name it and he's probably tried it! I commissioned him for an original Blue Jay drawing sort of like this one which is now hanging up in my studio! :)

Alex Warnick
One of the newest avian artists I have been following lately, Alex has a special interest in natural history and natural history illustration... I love that there is a deeper meaning behind each and every drawing, painting and illustration! (It's obvious I am on Instagram all the time... which is where I found her work as well!)

David Scheirer
I have to admit, I can't say there is any other watercolor artist I appreciate more than that of the work of David. His watercolors... both in his realism work and graphic illustrations are beautiful and captivating! So soft, yet strong. I can't explain how or why I just get lost in the colors and blending.

Frank Gonzales
Yet another bird artist I found through Instagram... Frank is an avian master at acrylic, gouache and oil. He has been featured in many shows, interviews and publications! His birdies are realism... yet abstractions all wrapped up into one. I have an original Mockingbird commission hanging in my studio. :)

Holly Rae Henson is another artist of whom I've been able to brush aside my usual tendency to look away from abstracted subject paintings. Her use acrylic captures the flighty essence of what it means to be a bird! It is almost as if she had to paint it as fast as she could because the bird was about to fly off the canvas!

Matt Sewell
... and for an artist who is completely different than all listed above... Matt Sewell's work is just cute and adorable!

I'm continuously on the look out for bird artists who inspire. There are a few more artist I've been keeping an eye on and more I am still discovering all the time! The world sure is full of talent and inspiration! :)


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