Birds Since my Last Post

September 27, 2015

Has it really been almost four months since my previous post? Goodness. No doubt I have seen quite a few birds since then... ! Before we get too much further into migration... here are some highlights since June (not including the amazing birding trip I had in the Dominican Republic... more on that in another post!) No... these are all from south central Texas. :) A couple new lifers too!

Always a resident at my house in the summers... the migrant Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. No doubt they are already on their way back to South America for the winter! It was fun to see them again this year.

First time catching a somewhat decent photo of a Vermilion Flycatcher.

The swift Greater Roadrunner.   

We had an amazing amount of hummingbirds this year. There was one summer early evening where I had just come back from a jog and was sitting in the yard enjoying the sunlight. The wind was still and the sun was setting through the trees and all I heard all around me high up in the trees were high pitched peeps all around. I counted at least seven hummingbird nests with babies peeping for their moms. Mama Ruby-Throated Hummingbird on her nest. 

A Wild Turkey hen and some of her chicks. 

A very watchful Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk.

A happily singing Meadowlark. 

A new lifer for me... buy am not sure what It is exactly... maybe a Cliff Swallow, or a Cave Swallow? 

Mixed in with our ever-present Eastern Phoebes... I spotted an Eastern Wood Pewee. What a cutie. 

Not the first time I have seen a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher... but it is the first time I have seen them at my house! Since this first spotting... I have seen quite a few around! 

This brave Cardinal... 

Are you still with me on all these photos?! :) Just a few more... ! A Lesser Goldfinch male... even though I thought he was great! ;) 

An annoyingly elusive bird... this is literally the best photo I took of this migrant Nashville Warbler... a new lifer for me! 

More coming soon about that trip to the Dominican Republic... in the mean time... happy migration birding! :) 

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