Birding in Bryant Park NYC

April 14, 2015

Hello from the road! I'm currently traveling on a small vacation to both New York City (my second home), and Charleston. I'm fitting birding in when/where I can. First on the agenda, was to attend the kickoff morning birding tour in the joint Bryant Park-New York Audubon Society partnership with naturalist Gabriel Willow. He was energetic and alive right from the start which is always refreshing at 8am!

It started with the usual suspects... House Sparrow (above female), Rock Doves/Pigeons and Starlings... but quickly warmed up to American Robin...

Hermit Thrush...

Dark Eyed Junco...

and Song Sparrow. 

What I didn't expect to see was the new lifer #1: American Woodcock. Totally wouldn't expect to see that in the middle of Manhattan! Quite a fun dinosaur/kiwi/ancient looking thing! 

The icing on the cake for the whole tour... and beyond? Spotting a rare nightjar asleep in the trees, a first ever for Bryant Park... and surrounding area for that matter! Lifer #2... a Chuck-will's-widow!

It only took Gabriel texting/emailing a few fellow birders... and by the end of the tour, others were already flocking in to see the rarity!

We left Bryant Park somewhere around 9:30am, NYC birders still streaming in. We returned again later at dusk to watch it awake from its slumber... birders still coming in to see it! So exciting to be a part of an exciting new find/documentation for our favorite NYC park. 💚

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