First Week of Birding in 2015

January 4, 2015

What a bird filled first week of 2015... not to mention that this post doesn't cover the day trip I took today to the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center! No, these were just the ones I saw in my backyard.

A very puffy Carolina Wren...

Black Crested Titmouse with some lunch.

A couple of Carolina Chickadees watches for any moment to sneak in to the feeder...

... and a Northern Cardinal was ready to scoop up what both of them dropped!

Our resident Eastern Phoebe wanted no part of that feeder fun.

But this Orange Crowned Warbler seemed interested at least.

Even though a couple of days this weekend were damp, misty and drizzling, our Mockingbird kept stake on his perch.

Look at those water droplets on his whiskers!

A few streets away while checking my mail... a Common Raven.

I have never seen Crested Caracara at my house before... but there they were... circling overhead. It looks like their territory has spread yet again this year.

Down in San Antonio at the Riverwalk in the Pearl Brewery, I spotted a new lifer for me... an Inca Dove.

 Another new sighting... some bird graffiti street art... love it.

... and a common site at major intersections in San Antonio at sundown... myriads upon myriads of Great Tailed Grackles gathering on phone wires... to hear all the latest gossip.

This year is off to a great start! I've seen and documented 47 species on eBird for this year already... and it's only the 4th day of 2015! Phew... like I said, it's the year of the bird! More soon...

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