2015 Resolutions... and Year of the Bird!

January 2, 2015

We all have resolutions... whether we say them out loud or keep them secret. Ringing in a new year seems to be a good start for many to renew those resolutions... to give it a fresh start-up again. I see a lot of "eye-rolling" when I ask what resolutions are in the line-up... but I just see that as a brief realization that once again... they didn't quite achieve that goal! So no eye-rolling... but what are your resolutions for 2015?

I have a few in the areas of personal (of course), finance (yes...) and artistic growth (all the time!)
  1. Personal Resolution - Lose 30lbs. - There. I said it. Again. Haha. For real this time though... I have a Dominican Republic Beach wedding to attend as a bridesmaid... and I need to look like I did when I first met my best-friend-bride-to-be in New York City 13 years ago!
  2. Personal Resolution - Leave the Past in the Past - I have kept a handwritten journal collection dating back to 1996. It's a 14 volume collection now. I haven't consistently written in for over 2 years now. It's time to end it obviously. While I learned, grew, reflected, cried, laughed, f*cked up and all sorts of other shenanigans (seriously...) since then, it's time to take what I learned from my experiences and move forward. More often than not, I find myself flipping back through the pages and just "living in the past". For what? Why? It just distracts me from the here-and-now, and who I have in my life today. I'll be destroying them all this year. "Leaving the dead to rest in peace and letting the past remain the past."
  3. Finance Resolution - No More Credit Cards! - It's not that bad. (That's what I always tell myself anyways.) I wrote up an entire budget for 2015, and in sticking to it... I should have them paid off this year... and then I am cutting them up and closing those accounts! I know what they say about leaving them open... that it looks better for credit scoring... but you know what? If I know it's there... I'll use it. So poof... be gone. 
  4. Artistic Growth - Year of the Texas Birds - I had an epiphany in the middle of 2014 to draw all the birds that one can see in Texas. While I've drawn 22 species since April (almost 3 a month) I have a slight change in the plan to now combine all the birds into one continuous drawing... making it the biggest drawing I'll have ever done to date. More soon... 
  5. Artistic Growth - Year of the Bird - So not just Texas birds on this one... but I have a goal to study birds more in general this year. I'll be documenting my checklists on eBird as much as I can, working on sketch studies, and actively looking to add to my life list! (Of course this means I get to travel more, get out there in the world and meet new people... and birds... ha.)
So that's it! Your turn.
Happy 2015! I leave you with a photo of my first bird of 2015... a Black-Crested Titmouse in New Braunfels, Texas.

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