Another Week in Bay City, Texas

October 6, 2014

When we first pulled up to the farm in Bay City, Texas... we were greeted with a whole flock of Cattle Egrets sitting atop the well canopy.
... of course, as I got closer and closer to photographing them... the settled down near the waters edge.

Hanging out with them, was one lone Great Egret as well.
I guess I got too close for their watchful eyes...
... but then guess who came to visit?! A new lifer for me... the Belted Kingfisher! He was watching the bubbler in the pond for a long while, looking for lunch... and singing a really pretty song. I'd say he was about the size of a woodpecker. When he flew off, I tried to get a photo of him against the almost full moon... but wasn't quick enough! It would have been neat... !

He sure does remind me of the Australian Kookaburra in a way... 

There were many Eastern Bluebirds as usual...

... and a Loggerhead Shrike on the hunt. Here he is with a snake!

Doing what he does best... a Solitary Sandpiper was checking out the goodies in the grass... wet with the heavy rain we just received.

Then in the world outside of birds... this Spiny Orbweaver took me by surprise! What an odd looking spider! :)


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