Migration has Begun

September 15, 2014

This weekend brought some relatively "chilly" weather to South Texas... (and by chilly, I  mean lower 60's!) With it, came a little wave of migrating birds... including a new lifer for me. It's a terrible photo... but it is the single photo I could capture of this rather fleeting Wilson's Warbler.

For a little while, I actually thought that it was a Ruby Crowned Kinglet by just it's behavior and size alone. (I have terrible long-sight vision without my glasses on, or I'd have known right away that it wasn't a Kinglet!) Good thing I realized it was probably way too early for those to be in South Texas!

Also "braving" the cold... this Red Shouldered Hawk

... and the year-round Lesser Goldfinch (female).

Spotted on a roadtrip to Austin... the wild Monk Parakeets.

Also not pictured... I saw some sort of unknown duck/crane birds in the tell-tale V-formation flight pattern... and the neatest thing... I was sitting in the front yard on my bench, sipping a morning iced-coffee, when headed straight for me in almost a dive-bomb... a tiny red and green Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Completely took me for surprise... and he was equally as surprised... deciding that the Lantana flowers behind me suddenly weren't so appetizing anymore!

Happy Monday!

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