Last Week in Bay City, Texas

September 17, 2014

Last week, we went down to Bay City to check up on the land... and I was excited to do my usual birding. Little did I know I would find an unexpected visitor there!

A well posed Eastern Kingbird.

A juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron. He was surprisingly very tolerant of us.

A nervous Killdeer with a muddy beak watched us carefully...

Circling above the pond, I spotted a new lifer... a juvenile Black Tern.

... and on the hunt in the pond... A Texas Alligator on the hunt... and he was huge! He followed us in the water as we circled the edge of the pond... he was pretty hungry...

On the way back to New Braunfels... a full, double rainbow! A perfect end to a great weekend. :)
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