Of Birds and Texas by the Gentling's and Graves

May 4, 2014

I have been looking forward to receiving this copy of "Of Birds and Texas" by Forth Worth, Texas twin brothers Scott and Stuart Gentling and John Graves.

It turned out to be much larger than I expected, approx. 10 x 13". I didn't even look at the size when I ordered it. It was a nice surprise. The first many pages are various writings by the artists, and critics. It was especially nice to read about how the brothers got into drawing birds in the first place.

Dapper in their 1980's duds...

Greatly influenced by John James Audubon, the Gentling brothers set out to draw birds of Texas featured in typical Texas landscapes and scenery.

Their pieces range from birds in detailed backgrounds, to birds on branches and rocks. (In fact, I remember visiting that very park with those petrified dinosaur foot prints as a child in girl scouts!)

In my quest to draw all the birds of Texas, I've been studying/researching all types of bird drawings, illustrations and art work. I hadn't really found another fine art publication in regards to just the birds of Texas, so it is relatively new territory.

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