Black Noddys - Graphite and Pastel Drawing

April 29, 2014

In my quest to draw all the birds of Texas, the Black Noddy... or White Capped Noddy... is a seabird in the Tern family. They are related to the Brown Noddy, Lesser Noddy and the more popularly seen Sandwich Tern. They are an accidental bird of Texas... with the last sighting in the Galveston, Texas area in May 1998.

Why did I choose to  draw such an obscure bird of Texas? Using a number randomizer... and the big, giant master list I created of all the accepted and documented birds of Texas compiled from both the Texas Bird Records Committee (TBRC) of the Texas Ornithological Society and Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD)... the Black Noddy was the luck of the draw!

16 drawn... 661 to go... ! :)
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