Bird Theme Snail Mail

March 19, 2014

Bird themed snail mail package I am sending out to friends and pen pals, featuring lots of avian goodies. I only make 10 limited edition packages. Happy Spring!

I've been working on a drawing of my favorite bird... a Cedar Waxwing. All in graphite and ink. It's almost time for them to migrate back up north... I am sad about it, but if they were here all the time, they would be "normal" I suppose... and less appreciated. Sort of how whenever I see a Cardinal, I say, "Oh... it's just a red bird." ... but I know if I didn't see those anymore, I'd miss them too!

I keep reading online, that South and Central Texas are one of the best places to go birding. Well aren't I lucky? There is a blog that I like to read called "South East Texas Birding & Wildlife Watching". It is full of photos of Texas native birdies... and migrants. Check it out!

I have some fun photos lined up for tomorrow's "Best Birds Thursday".... stay tuned...

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