September 19, 2013

It has been a long, long while since I first thought of starting a blog for my fine art... and today, I decided... it was just time to jump in and do it! I currently have a blog for my work with Architette Studios on Wordpress, and thought it best to have a different format for this one... so Blogger it is! :)

As of late, I have been inclined to draw birds. There are so many, they are a universal animal and because they are so interesting and worldwide, every new piece is exciting yet have a common tie. As a result... I have taken up the hobby of bird watching... to find the ones that inspire me. Winter is especially exciting for South Texas for bird watching, as a lot of Northern birds find their way here.

Here are two of my latest pieces... a Northern Cardinal, and a British Wren.

"Northern Cardinal" - 9x12" graphite and pastel
September 2013 (sold)

Some research photos... the last one is of the female.

"British Wren" - 6x6" graphite
September 2013 - available for purchase

... and some research photos of the Bewick's Wren here in the US... 

I am looking forward to posting more "behind the scenes" photos of my work, and other streams of thoughts. Until then, feel free to find my work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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