Elegant Trogon - No Show

February 15, 2018

I was surprised to hear through various birding outlets... that a rare vagrant Elegant Trogon had found its way to my backyard practically.

I went to Landa Parks Pather Canyon after work to catch a glimpse. It was easy to find where she had been staking her ground by following the crowd.

But alas... I had missed her by 10 minutes or so. :(

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Lifers 190 and 191

January 8, 2018

At the end of 2017, I added two new lifers to the list...

Lifer #190 - Canyon Wren in Fredericksburg, TX

Lifer #191 - Ring Necked Duck in Fredericksburg, TX

On that same weekend in Fredericksburg... also spotted a few other beauties.

Song Sparrow

Belted Kingfisher

Christmas Morning Eastern Bluebird

... and maybe not a "beauty" but at least he posed for me while I was super nearby!A Black Vulture.

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Kettle of Kites

August 29, 2016

When I first heard a flock of migrating hawks being referred to as a "kettle", I laughed a bit at the visual of wide-winged raptors catching the upward steam puffs emanating from the spout of a teapot. (Little did I know -- but this was fairly accurate to how the term was created.) As I was heading out for my evening jog, I noticed a kettle of hundreds of migrating Mississippi Kites circling, soaring and tumbling overhead. Catching their sunset snacks of dragonflies high above.

This one caught a dragonfly mid-flight. 🍴

I know they are among the first migrators  in the fall... heading back to South America... but it is a nice reminder that autumn is on the way!

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Mid-2016 Update!

May 16, 2016

So it has been a while since posting about what birds I have spotted and photographed... since January when I visited Brooklyn in fact! I have been keeping busy with drawing the ABA Checklist. Only up to 9 life-sized birds drawn to date. I am not sure which will be lucky number 10...

 I have been completely enthralled by this time capsule account of Alexander Wilsons endeavor into ornithology in early American history. "... what drove him to write (and illustrate) America's birds was a desire to make every American realize the value of our birds and thereby want to ensure their survival for all time." 

I am almost done with a full USPS stamp collection of birds... that's right... a full collection of all the postage stamps released by the United States Postal System which depict a bird on it! (Mega nerd status for sure.) Here is a small sample of red and blue.

And just a sampling of some birds since January... this is a terrible photo... but this was the first time lifer in spotting a Bufflehead Duck (Bucephala albeola) - New Braunfels, TX.

An Egyptian Goose and goslings along the Comal River.

An adorable Downy Woodpecker.

Eastern Bluebird watching for bugs...

A happily singing Loggerhead Shrike...

Yellow Rumped Warbler...

A kind of mad looking Red Tailed Hawk.

I am not super sure about the identification of this one... but I believe this is an American Goldfinch. The brows look a little odd to me though...

Couch's Kingbird.

An American Robin at sunrise.

A lucky find in spotting this Great Horned Owl on a drive home one night.

A Spotted Sandpiper...

That actually only takes us through March... ha. I will update soon with some more of my sightings.

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Drawing the ABA Checklist - Belted Kingfisher - 9/993

May 15, 2016

Belted Kingfisher - 9/993
life sized archival ink and graphite 19x19"

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